Sunday, 12 June 2016

3 reasons to get a cat

Hi everyone I know Dogs make great Pets and I enjoy having a dog as a pet as well but I want to let you know Cats make great pets as well. Here is why:

1) Us cats go to the Toilet room on our own time not yours and you can get them to use a self-cleaning litterbox(for the small cats).
2) More time for you to go out. Many owners are able to leave the house and not worry if there cat is left alone all day. That’s not to say that you should ignore us but just to let you know we don`t mind as much as we enjoy napping. Lots.

3) Health reasons.The pet cat will help you relieve your burdens by cuddling with you or allowing you to pet them. Also taking care of another being helps us focus on something else. Your welcome.

Me and my previous pet(Moka):