Saturday, 28 May 2016

Adopt a Cat

Once I was a street cat.. I lived on the streets of Port Coquitlam and was lucky to find my owner who rescued me of my hard life. Nowadays I sit and relax and watch TV with my owners husband who I like to call my best friend and Dad. He prefers I just call him Ernest.  

I have realized not all cats are as lucky as me and suggest when getting a cat as handsome as me to get a cat from the shelter. Check out some other cool places such as:

If you want a cat that looks like me this handsome cat is available:

Ernest and I hanging out. Justine is holding me so i can look at Ernest.

Don't forget to check out my cat videos, realationsip videos at:

How to Train your Owners

Hello my name is Mikki and today I will teach you how to train your owners on feeding you more. 
Humans like cats that communicate and do tricks. Here are some tips:

1) Meow at your food bowl. In takes a few tries on this one as they tend not to hear you. Try meowing in  a loud meow repeatedly

Tip: if one human has feed you when the other is not around you can try to get the other human to feed you as well. 

2)Sit when they ask you to sit. Then stare at them sadly until they give you a treat. 

3) Meow continually when there alarm goes off. This helps them wake up faster. After they awake lead them to your food bowl. They sometimes don't understand.

For more ideas check out my video:

Monday, 23 May 2016

My first entry...

Welcome to my first ever post! Wow I have been talking about doing this forever... In my blog you can learn what I like to do for fun, tricks I have learned and much much more. Stay tuned. In the meantime take a look at some fabulous pictures of me...

Me shredding on the drums..

Me soaking in the rays..